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Any man or woman who (a) has low to nonexistent sex drive (b) lack sexual functions due to biological origins or (c) lack sexual or romantic attraction to either gender.

What is the purpose of Asexual Pals Meeting Service?
In a nutshell it's an informal introduction service that bring asexual men and women together with other like-minded individuals for romantic and platonic relationships. Since asexuals are presumed to not exist this service provides them a place on the web that validates their sexual orientation while creating a community where individuals can share, converse, and develop the type of relationships they desire without fear of rejection due to their lack of sex drive.   It's only natural for humans to desire companionship, someone to share those special moments, asexuals are no exception to this desire.

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Years ago parents would hire the village matchmaker to find potential mates for their children. Since that time men and women have been left with the daunting task of finding their own lifemates, making dating and meeting services highly sought after. Unfortunately, asexual men and women are often overlooked by dating and meeting services due to their assumption no sex drive means not interested in romance. Until now.
Finding mates is difficult in it's own right but to seek asexual partners is next to impossible when utilizing mainstream dating forums. Asexual Pals is the first meeting service of its kind for asexuals, no more demeaning face to face meetings with unsympathetic dating counselors, probing questionaires, and oversexed dates. Finding equally-yoked friends, travel partners, and lifemates has never been easier.

You can join the internet's first meeting service for asexuals for a low cost of $10.00 a month. Just $10.00 a month and you can meet people who want to meet you.

Before you purchase membership please read Something You Should Know Before Joining.

Good luck on your search for the perfect mate,penpal, and or friend. Remember to always keep safety in mind when corresponding with persons you don't know. Have any questions please don't hesitate in contacting us.

Membership is $10.00 (US$) per month.
It's easy to join!

Helpful Suggestions
1. Get an email address from one of the free email services like AsexualPals,Yahoo, Excite, or Lycos and use it to communicate with potential mates. 
2. Create a profile.
Once you post your profile be sure to exercise caution when corresponding with others, do not give out any pertinent information such as home address, employment, credit info, etc.....
Remember you are responsible for screening your potential mates/friends/penpals so always keep safety in mind when corresponding with unknown persons.


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