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How Dating Has Changed In The 21st Century
With an article title like this, one might assume that I am ready to tell you some extraordinary news about a new dating environment. Sure, the Internet has introduced one more way for people to meet, but does that actually change the dating scene??"
Getting Past First Base In The Dating Game
It is not uncommon to be uncomfortable on that first date, because as human beings, we want the other person to like us, as much as we think we like them.

Tips to Help You Get Back Into The Dating Game
There are very few things in life that are as terrifying, frustrating, rewarding, exciting and just plain crazy as dating; especially if you have ceased to be a "spring chicken" or have been out of the dating scene for many years. If you've found yourself "back on the market" after being in a committed relationship for many years, you may be petrified by the prospect of dating again.


Iím a fifty eight year old caring, respectful and attractive gentleman residing in the bay area of northern California longs for a nonsexual connection with a woman near my age who enjoys deep connection, loving support and playful bliss that is not centered on sex but rather sensuality.***** *****

I'm 56, I can cook a dinner etc, planning to join a choir been doing singing lessons for most of this year, like horse riding, reading Ebooks, I love Walt Disney Movies to relax on a busy day,I no this sounds crazy I like doing my weekly shopping you never no what you may find or deal, like a good fish& chip shop at times after a heavy shopping day. And I love pets they give back so much, weather their sick or well.
The person I'm looking for is someone kind, talk on interesting things, don't mind pets, and good listener. I hope I have been of help I've never done this before, oh also l play video games on my iPad, and puzzle games. I hope I'm doing the right thing meeting someone this way, would love there company without the fear of expecting sex I want to enjoy getting to no that person.**** ****


Name: General Wireless Study
Campaign ID: 20300
Rate Per Lead: $3.25
Incentivizeable: Yes
Campaign Type: Ad-Hoc Survey
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*Notes: Major markets include NY, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Chicago, Atlanta, LA, Seattle, Boston, Philly, and DC. Respondents must be 23 years old and up.*

Smartphone Study - USA
Campaign ID: 20301
Rate Per Lead: $2.25
Incentivizeable: Yes
Campaign Type: Ad-Hoc Survey
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*Notes: 200 respondents needed, USA only, Must have purchased smartphone.*

Smartphone Study - UK
Campaign ID: 20301
Rate Per Lead: $2.00
Incentivizeable: Yes
Campaign Type: Ad-Hoc Survey
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*Notes: 200 respondents needed, UK only, Must have purchased smartphone.*

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