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Tips to Help You Get Back in the Dating Game After a Long-Term Relationship Ends Copyright (c) 2009-2012

There are very few things in life that are as terrifying, frustrating, rewarding, exciting and just plain crazy as dating; especially if you have ceased to be a "spring chicken" or have been out of the dating scene for many years.

If you've found yourself "back on the market" after being in a committed relationship for many years, you may be petrified by the prospect of dating again. The very idea of having to deal with the "new rules," and trying to figure out where, exactly, you go to meet people in the first place, may be enough for you to say "forget it" and opt for diving into the freezer for a pint of Cherry Garcia, and sitting home with the latest episode of 24 instead. But, it doesn't have to be that way!

In spite of what the modern media has drummed into our collective heads, dating really hasn't changed that much over the years. The basics are all still the same; first dates are generally awkward whether you're a gawky teenager or a successful CEO, and first kisses will give you butterflies at 60 just as they did at 16!

What has changed is how people meet each other. Yes, there will always be the old standbys: bars, chance meetings, blind dates (usually set up by well meaning friends or relatives who haven't a clue) and the frequently disastrous workplace romances. But more and more people are turning to the laptop sitting on their coffee table or the computer on their desk to find romance. From the comfort of your easy chair (and with your ice cream nearby) you can open up a whole new realm of dating possibilities!

Since you're reading this we'll assume you have the basics needed for this contemporary dating adventure (a computer and access to the internet) and can get down to where to look for "Mr. (or Ms.) Right":

  • First, you have the obvious "hunting" ground; internet dating sites. These online matchmakers are as prevalent as ants at a picnic, and cover just about every demographic and social group you can think of. Some require a fee, while others are free to join. Generally prospective daters post pictures and information about themselves and about what they are looking for in a potential partner. Once you join you can review other members and search for someone that strikes your fancy.

  • Then there are the social media sites like Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin, and Bebo. These sites aren't geared specifically towards dating, but their popularity and ease of use make them a natural place for making connections. Using social media sites can not only re-connect you with friends and family, but you might run into that classmate you had a crush on in 9th grade as well!

  • A less obvious place to look for love online is amongst the plethora of special interest forums and sites. Whether you an avid golfer, a fan of Joe Walsh, or like to make driftwood sculptures in your spare time, chances are that there is a website dedicated to your particular passion somewhere on the net. What better way to start a relationship than to build on the foundation of a mutual interest?

  • Of course, there are precautions you should take when venturing into the sphere of online dating, but as with dating in the "real world" most of them are common sense and they apply to both men and women:

    #1 - Listen to your instincts. If your "gut" tells you that the person you are communicating with isn't what they seem, you are probably right.

    #2 - Really take the time to get to know a person before you give them any information that can lead them to your "offline" identity. Giving someone your last name or phone number may seem harmless, but always err on the side of caution.

    #3 - Set up an anonymous free email account like hotmail or yahoo to use for talking to possible suitors. Make sure that you set it up so that your full name is not given out.

    #4 - When you are ready to take that "next step" and meet your online paramour face to face, make sure you arrange to meet them in a public place. Tell friends or a family member where you are going and arrange to check in with them while you are out.

    That's it, now you're ready to take that plunge back into the dating world. Take a deep breath, put down the ice cream and go enjoy this new phase of your life. You'll be surprised at how much fun it can be!

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    RoseMary Alberts lives in Florida and has a lifetime of dating experiences in her rear view mirror. As a attractive and young 50-year-old, she enjoyed the single life through most of her twenties and for the last ten years, since the death of her late husband. For internet dating, visit:

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